The One about 2016

28 Nov

As the curtains fall on 2016, it is once again that time of the year for reflections. It almost felt as it I was caught in the middle of a hurricane, and only now have things died down. It was not a bad year, I think it was just a year where things were constantly happening.


Babies: At my work place, I am part of closely-knit group of five. This year, they went through a cycle, and every one of them popped out a newborn. As I adore kids, it was fun being a part of the whole process, and feeling like now I’m a godmother to four kids.


Weddings: This year was also a year of weddings. A good friend found the girl of his dreams. An ex found his perfect match. A couple of co-workers got married. And a few others got engaged. Even more exciting was my brother proposing to his girlfriend. Hooray! I am truly happy for all of them.


Friends: 2016 seemed to be all about changes. My landlord/housemate moved to the US for work, and another close friend moved to Germany. But a few other close friends from the US moved back to Malaysia so it is definitely good having them in my life again – the ones who understand what its like to straddle two cultures, and two countries.


Work: There was a never-ending source of opportunities, from conferences, to leadership positions, to interesting students, to feeling like I won the lottery at a recent workshop, which will also lead me to London. But more on this in 2017.


Family: My dad had quite a scare in the middle of this year. Suffice to say, it made everyone step back and reevaluate their dietary habits and their lifestyle. My dad is fine now, thank God. But a close friend’s dad and another friend’s mom passed away, making me realize that perhaps, we are not quite as young anymore.


Wealth: I almost bought a bungalow… almost. Paid the booking fee, then changed my mind at the last minute. No regrets though. I still have not quite made up my mind where I would like to live. So, my options are open at the moment.


Love: Quite a few characters definitely made this year interesting. But as I am a secretive person, that is all I shall reveal. This year I learned to let go, and I shall start 2017 on a happier note because of that.

As Shakespeare would say, ‘All’s well that ends well.’ So here’s to bidding adieu to 2016 and looking forward to new beginnings, lots of laughter, plenty of hope, and countless adventures that are bound to happen. To 2017!



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